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Investment and Development

Investment and Development

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Wenzhou Jinzhou Group Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company under Wenzhou Jinzhou Group. Founded in May 16th, 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, it is now staffed with 18 employees. Our business scope covers the investment in urban infrastructure, real estate, commercial, industrial, energy, transportation, tourism, culture, education, entertainment, service and other various sectors.
Since its inception, under the concern and support of group leader and in the principle of “Multiple Directions, One Concentration, Diversified Forms, Flexible Control”, all employees cooperate and encourage one another and find quickly the actual entry point between the relevant market and the company in just a few months, and on this basis, it conducted multiaspect argument. So far, the company has participated in the project cooperation of Wall (China) Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shanshui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dahua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Yongjia Xinsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Zhenjiang Jiahao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., etc. In addition, the company also acquired and restructured the Wenzhou Fengyuan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Nowadays most of the projects have entered the implementation stage.
From the present point of view, the company has embarked on a sustained and rapid development. We have every reason to believe that under the company's leadership and all employees’ efforts, Jinzhou Group Investment and Development Co., Ltd. will have a better tomorrow!

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