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Foreign trade industry

Foreign trade industry

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 Wenzhou Jinzhou Group Foreign Trade Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinzhou Industrial Park”) is a holding subsidiary of Wenzhou Jinzhou Group. Established in October 2003, it is a carrier transformed by foreign trade mode of Wenzhou Jinzhou Group. The industrial park in Zhejiang Province is the third “Trade/Industry Combination, Industry/Trade Integration” industrialization foreign trade products production base, and one of the largest production bases of foreign trade in Wenzhou. The project covers an area of 199.5 mu, a total construction area of 237,572 square meters. There are 18 plants in total, covering approximately 18.2 million square meters and 7 living houses, including 5 staff dormitory buildings with a total area of 28,000 square meters, 2 dining buildings with a total area of 11,750 square meters, a comprehensive office building with a total area of 19,200 square meters. With complete production and living facilities, the Industrial Park is not only an industrial upgrading platform for small and medium enterprises, but also a warm and harmonious home for employees. The Industrial Park can accommodate 10,000 workers and now have been fully put into production at full capacity.

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